Sunday, February 7, 2016

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Lives intersecting the headlines

Posted at 3:24 PM on December 29, 2006 by Bill Wareham

We asked members of our Public Insight Journalism network how their lives intersected with the headlines this year and came up with some very interesting responses. Maybe you heard Michael Caputo's pieces this week on Morning Edition and All Things Considered.

We've collected even more of these observations in text form here. There's lots of good stuff here. Perhaps one of my favorites comes from Jeff Sawyer of Mount Horeb, WI:

For all the press coverage of You Tube and the other technological wonders created to put the message in the hands of the mortal, the press seems to have missed one point: these newly empowered voices have nothing to say.

The folks in the PIJ network were a great help in covering the news of 2006. If you haven't joined the network, we'd love to have you sign up. There are no sales pitches, you won't get any extra solicitations for contributions - your contact info won't go outside the newsroom.