Tuesday, February 9, 2016

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On ATC: No makeover for Corn Palace this year

Posted at 3:08 PM on September 12, 2006 by Bill Wareham

I've visited Mount Rushmore, stopped at Wall Drug and checked out the progress of the Crazy Horse monument on more than one occasion. But for my money, the weirdest must-see tourist attraction in South Dakota is the Mitchell Corn Palace. This is an epic piece of American handiwork, AN ACTUAL PALACE MADE OF CORN! And it's a dynamic, living monument - to ensure repeat business, they redo it every year in a new theme with produce from the harvest. Not this year, though, as Cara Hetland will explain on All Things Considered.

On a related note, Mark Steil will report on the latest crop report figures. Marisa Helms wll have a preview of the St. Paul City Council's budget discussions and we'll have the latest from Bob Reha on the Rodriguez trial in Fargo.