Saturday, February 6, 2016

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Rodriguez trial starts this week

Posted at 9:52 AM on July 3, 2006 by Bill Wareham

The trial of Alphonso Rodriguez Jr., charged with murdering University of North Dakota student Dru Sjodin, gets underway this week in Fargo. Jury selection is scheduled to begin Thursday, but U.S. District Judge Ralph Erickson will hear pre-trial motions over the next few days. Minnesota Public Radio's Bob Reha will be following the trial, and you'll hear his reports on All Things Considered and Morning Edition.

Also on today's All Things Considered, MPR's Bob Kelleher looks at this year's efforts to fight gypsy moth outbreaks. Here's a clue: don't transport firewood.

And we'll be keeping an eye on Joe Mauer. A stomach ailment threatens to do what Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen couldn't - keep the Twins' red hot hitter out of next week's All Star game. Mauer was scheduled for a checkup today, and we'll let you know if we hear anything.

And nationally, we're watching the skies over Cape Canaveral for weather that could further postpone the launch of the space shuttle. The latest word is that a crack in exterior foam, rather than storms, could pose a bigger threat.