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"The System" shoots around the Twin Towns

Posted at 5:03 PM on April 14, 2009 by Euan Kerr

Cristina Cordova and Juan Antonio del Rosario, the folks behind "Chasing Windmills," are at it again. This time they're shooting a feature film called "The System" around downtown Minneapolis.

Cordova says they have been shooting solidly through the weekends since March 21st. "The System" website describes the films as as story "in which a red blood cell and a neurotransmitter set out to save the world."

"How is that not clear?" Cordova laughs when I ask her about it.

She says the story is set inside a human body where various cells work together and against one another depending on their purpose. "It's about what happens when one cell decides to question its purpose," Cordova says.

She quickly points out that actors are not wandering around in blob suits, but the story is stylized with the different cells being portrayed as people in corporate American, individuals within a larger society or system. Cordova describes it as a commentary on all kinds of systems. "It's one big metaphor," she says.

The film is being shot using heavy filtering, and an intriguing mixture of Minneapolis backdrops. Here the Falls of Saint Anthony and the city skyline become a representation of the human heart.

"Most people think it's animated," Cordova says, talking about initial reactions to descriptions of the film. "That would be so much easier," she laughs, "because I wouldn't be doing the animating."

Cordova says they hope to wrap up shooting by mid-May, and then edited by late July or early August.

They have already decided against going on the film festival circuit because of the expense and the feeling there are fewer and fewer independents getting distribution deals that way. Instead they are going to try i-Tunes and having talked with film impresario Todd Sklar, they will take the film on tour to drum up interest that way.

"If it's good, it'll work," Cordova says. "If it isn't any good, it might work too."

If you are a Twitter user you can follow progress here which includes lots of pictures from the set including one of Mn Stories Chuck Olsen with a barcode on his head.

Update: Mr Olsen sends along this link with some more pristine pictures of the shoot.

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