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MSPIFF: meet the Movie Goats!

Posted at 2:01 PM on April 17, 2009 by Euan Kerr (2 Comments)

As mentioned before, one of the delights of film festivals is in addition to the movies, is meeting other film freaks. And today there is a unique opportunity to meet the Movie Goats.

Daniel Getahun of the Getafilm blog and Kathie Smith of the Kathie Smith Twin Cities Film Geek Galore blog are convening a gathering at Pracna on Main in Minneapolis late this afternoon. It's the bar next door to St Antony Main where the bulk of the MSPIFF films will screen.

They are calling it the first ever MSPIFF Friday Film Goat Get Together. They are using the goat as a symbol for voracious appetite, which in the case of film goats means an appetite for anything to do with movies. The idea is to meet, talk about films and plans for the MSPIFF. Getahun also hopes to put faces to readers.

The Film Goat Get Together starts at 5.30. At least one director, Louis Lapat of "Win or Lose" plans to attend. If it goes well, there may be another gathering of Film Goats next week.

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MSPIFF on the radio

Posted at 4:11 PM on April 17, 2009 by Euan Kerr

Listen in at 6.20 pm today to hear Tom Crann's interview with Rick Velleu, one of the filmmakers behind the award-winning documentary "School Play" which screens tonight at the MSPIFF. He is also a member of the team which developed Dora the Explorer, (the original Dora as one of my colleagues with kids points out.)

(You can also hear a little feature about "Paris 36" which opens locally tonight at 4.50.)

And just because it is interesting: why you aren't seeing so many movie ads in the paper.

MSPIFF: The Girl from Monaco

Posted at 5:17 PM on April 17, 2009 by Euan Kerr

The one offering I have had a chance to watch for tonight is the French film "The Girl from Monaco."

It's a film which starts as a breezy comedy about a highly starched trial lawyer hired to defend a woman accused of killing her much younger lover in the sun-kissed principality of Monaco.

Bertrand the lawyer (the always interesting Fabrice Luchini) is quickly surrounded by a group of quirky characters including Christophe (Roschdy Zem) a bodyguard Bertrand doesn't believe he needs, and Audrey (Louise Bourgoin) a singing weathercaster who takes a surprising liking to Bertrand. She won't take no for an answer and against his better judgement (and Christophe's dire warnings) Bertrand is smitten.

But there are some darker forces at work here, and writer/director Anne Fontaine cleverly leaves some important details unresolved, including some real questions about the motivations of the some of the characters. While this is frustrating, it leaves the ending open to interpretation, which in turn raises questions about other parts of the film. This is a film which may keep on giving.

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