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'Chicago 10,' language, and ironic security

Posted at 5:14 PM on March 14, 2008 by Euan Kerr

(A scene from "Chicago 10", image courtesy Roadside Attractions)

"Chicago 10" Check out the feature on "Chicago 10" now live on the MPR website.

Language The reports today that show PG movies with less strong language in them tend to make more money even if they still contain sex and violence, should come as no real surprise. Neither should the survey which showed movies which got good reviews did much better at the box office. The challenge of course is for film makers to make movies which will attract families, without boring the pants of at least a fraction of the family attracted. perhaps we will now see a hoard of sugar sweet and innocent films, but somehow I doubt it.

Ironic Security I attended an early screening of a film today which was so early it was travelling with its own security team. Such is the concern about piracy that the half dozen critics in the room were eyeballed by the very polite folks with the infra-red glasses. What made it ironic was the film opened with a youngster sitting in the stalls of a movie theater taping away with a huge video camera. Of course it was a British film.

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