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Satrapi and music for thought

Posted at 5:40 PM on January 18, 2008 by Euan Kerr

Make sure you have a listen to the Marjane Satrapi audio now posted on the MPR website. She is a character, and in "Persepolis" she has created a film which, if there is any justice in the cinema world, will become regarded as a classic.

And just one other thought about "A Walk into the Sea" director Esther Robinson: I asked her if she had been tempted to use Velvet Underground music in the film. It seemed a natural given the band appears in her uncle Danny Williams' films, although getting the rights might be difficult and expensive.

She told me that they had thought they had found a way using some film which another film maker believed he controlled the rights. It turned out he didn't, so the idea fell by the wayside. She said that was probably a good thing because she then worked with her husband T Griffin to craft the soundtrack, a task she said she enjoyed more than any other part of the process.

She also pointed out that there is a real danger to using well known music, because they carry their own iconic weight which can distort the meaning of a film. Ultimately she says they were better off without the Velvets music. She also points out that in the Williams' film of the band being screened this weekend at the walker, which is believed to be the earliest footage of the group, Lou Reed looks very nervous, and about 10.

Stay warm everyone.

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