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Change of attitude: up for a challenge

Posted at 4:25 PM on January 23, 2008 by Euan Kerr (2 Comments)

Having paced back and forward Gollum-like for a while, I grabbed the list of Oscar nominations and decided that it was time to make an effort to see some of the films I've missed.

Yes, yes, I know I have grumbled before about the whole deal, that it's not really representative of much (particularly the foreign language category,) and basically it's a marketing campaign which can breathe life back into the sales of the lucky few chosen.

But there is mild method in my madness. I signed up to vote for the Independent Spirit Awards, and I need to start watching the films I have missed there too, so I may as well kill two birds with one stone.

Also there is a certain challenge to actually seeing some of these flicks. Some are still in theaters, (although some quick listings research shows that if you want to see "No Country for Old Men' or worse "There Will Be Blood" your options narrow markedly at the end of the week,) a lot are available on DVD already. and the others I just have to dredge from memory.

I am also lucky in that many of the Spirit Award nominees are available online to paid up members, although the challenge then becomes finding a computer with a good enough link to be able to watch a film without being driven crazy by repeated buffering. (It also just doesn't seem like a smart idea to watch something like "Lust Caution" at my desk at work.)

So, here we go. How many of the major Oscar nominated films can an ordinary person (albeit with extraordinary internet access) see between the Oscar nominations and the Awards show?

I'll let you know.

(Is anyone else trying this?)

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