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Things for which to be thankful

Posted at 11:55 AM on November 22, 2007 by Euan Kerr

We really do need to count our blessings more often. It's way too easy nowadays to take things for granted and forget the wonder and amazement we can find in the world around us.

It's also too easy to forget how lucky we are to be able to experience so many of those things on a regular basis at our local dreampalace.

Now, it's highly unlikely that as people sit around their Thanksgiving table they will be thinking 'cinema!'

But how about the next time you are at the movies and the lights dim? Just in that moment of twilight before the 'turn off your cellphone' announcement, just as you settle down to enjoy whatever transport of delight that will splash across the screen, just for a moment be grateful.

Be thankful for the Lumiere Brothers who changed the world in 1895 with the first public film screening.

Be thankful for the people who over the years have created, shaped and re-shaped a medium which has become "the international language of cinema."

Be thankful for the experiences we share with friends, family, and millions of other people around the world which can entertain, horrify and educate us, and occasionally even spur us into changing things for the better.

Be thankful for the creative minds which spin the tales of light across the screens, and be thankful for the youth of the world who tear tickets and pop corn too.

And be thankful for family and friends who will go with you to argue the relative merits of plots, actors, special effects and a host of other things, arguments which elevate the experience of sitting in the dark into a community event.

It's a lot for that little moment of darkness. So maybe we should just try every time the lights go down.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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