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But what does it mean?

Posted at 4:48 PM on October 9, 2007 by Euan Kerr

Film producer Jerry Wayne leaned forward today and asked me what I thought of his film "Broken."

Every once in a while in the radio business someone you are interviewing will turn the tables and ask for your own opinion on the issue at hand.

It's always a little tricky when this happens because as journalists we have to at least try to maintain a stance of disconnected objectivity. Usually we try to wiggle out of it, but in the case of "Broken" I found myself engaged.

"Broken" is the story of an aspiring Midwestern singer-songwriter called Hope (Heather Graham) who heads to LA to try to make it big. It doesn't go as she planned, and frustrated with her lack of success she falls in with a handsome bad boy called Will (Jeremy Sisto) who introduces her to heroin.

Director Alan White keep his audience on its toes however by jumping back and forth within time. The tale is linear to a point, but can change perspective without warning.

It's deliberately ambiguous, and Wayne was curious as to my interpretation. After he had listened, he gave me his understanding, although he was careful to say that the film is a puzzle and everyone is free to take away whatever makes sense to them. To say more would be to give away what happens in the film, but it was intriguing to hear what Wayne had to say.

It certainly will be interesting to see how the film does when it opens locally October 19th.

Wayne grew up in Little Falls and he worked in the music business here for a while before heading West himself. He's now based in LA and Hawaii, but says he's aware he is subject to Minnesota sensibilities.

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