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Pirates in Edina

Posted at 2:19 PM on May 22, 2007 by Euan Kerr

I went to see the press screening of "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" yesterday.

It was an interesting experience even before the film got started. First of all there was the news that the movie is 2 hours and 45 minutes long, something for those folks who shuffle into films with the 64 ounce keg-o-pop tucked in one arm and the humongo tub-o-corn to remember.

The second came about as a result of the movie length as a pre-lights down trip to the men's room provided my first encounter with the "Airblade." (Check out Chris Hewitt's informative article on this latest wonder of modern technology.)

The third thing was the note handed out to everyone in the audience 'respectfully' asking us not to reveal any plot resolutions from the movie in any reviews or blogs.

The note concluded with the paragraph: "We hope you appreciate there are many Pirates fans who will enjoy their movie going experience so much more not knowing in advance the outcome of the many plot twists."

Well, of course.

Isn't it a given that if we are meant to be writing about a film, we don't give it away? At least in the early pieces? At first the note kind of rankled me.

Then I began to wonder if this is really a comment on the ease with which we can get inside information about films nowadays. People go into movies now knowing exactly what is going to happen, and the experience can only be diminished.

Yet what does that say about those people who have sen a film who are eager to spill the beans to those who have not seen it yet. Personally I try to make sure I know whether someone is going to see a film before I talk in any detail about it. If they have seen it it changes and expands the conversation greatly.

Of course it could be argued that we don't talk about film enough, (except to reveal the plot details.)

And then there's the irony that this request is being made about a film about pirates....

More about "Pirates" as the week progresses.

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