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Posted at 7:00 PM on April 5, 2007 by Euan Kerr

A big fat packet arrived at Natters Towers today (the Towers being the home of this virtual publication, named for the large piles of press releases, books, CD's, DATs, utensils, etcetera which pile high on this particular desk.)

It's an advance copy of the Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival schedule.

Reading a document like this is both a joy and a frustration. So much to look at tempered by the knowledge you have to pick and choose what to see.

The schedule begins with a stream of consciousness rant from Festival Director Al Milgrom about how the festival has somehow reached its 25th year even though he's having to do the event on a shoestring budget. It's classic Al.

Despite his austere situation he's once again pulled together a broad representation of modern cinema.

A quick scan produces these plums: "Boss of it all," the new Lars ("Breaking the Waves," "Dogville") von Trier film where an actor is hired to impersonate an absent boss in a high tech start-up.

There's "What means Motley" an Irish/Romanian (?) caper movie about a celtic conman who devises a plan to help a group of tone-deaf gypsies escape Romania by posing as an Irish choir.

Everyone's favorite Slovenian Marxist philosopher Slavoj Zizek ("Zizek!") returns to muse on his other favorite topic in "The Pervert's Guide to Cinema."

There's the new Australian adaptation of Rupert Thompson's psycho-sexual treatise "The Book of Revelation," the midwestern premier of local film maker Pete Marcy's horror feature "Firefly," and who can ignore the prospect of sheep with a taste for human blood in "Black Sheep?"

The folks over at MSPIFF HQ say they'll have the whole schedule caboodle up on the MSPIFF website Monday, which is coincidently the day advance tickets go on sale. Less than a quarter of the films are up already, although there is information about the Opening and Closing night events.

MPR has a date to chat with Al Milgrom next week. Stay tuned.

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