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Resolute for 2007

Posted at 9:19 PM on January 1, 2007 by Euan Kerr

Happy New Year one and all.

The subject of New Year resolutions is always tough. We go into these things with the best of intentions. Yet how often our lists collapse under the weight of, not malice, but human realities and incompetence? I don't know about you but my past seems to be littered with good ideas powered by youthful hope and vigor all crushed by time and tide.

Yet it's impossible for me to banish the idea of approaching the New Year with some form of resolution.

I was mulling this over at a New Year's dinner last night, when inspiration came in the form of the BeeGees nasally wailing "Night Fever" over the sound system. I am of that generation which refused to see "Saturday Night Fever" because of the violence it perpetrated on popular music. Having seen a live band performing "Disco Inferno" twice during one interminable night at the Brass Phoenix nightclub in Duluth in 1978, seeing the film was just too much.

Yet time passes. A couple of years back I saw the very intriguing exhibition on the disco era at the Experience Music Project in Seattle, which talked about how "Saturday Night Fever" created what was after all a world wide phenomenon and created an important stage for the newly empowered gay rights community. I also came across an article where the Gibb Brothers basically claimed they had been framed, unfairly blamed for creating a music that people loved to hate, when they thought they were just helping out with a soundtrack recording. And then on top of that I keep hearing people say that perhaps it's a not actually a bad flick.

So, it's time to turn over a new leaf. The one New Years resolution to which I now commit for 2007 is I will see "Saturday Night Fever."

Of course the clock is now ticking with only 364 days to go. All the best for 2007. We are all going to need it

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