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Wishes for a cinematic New Year

Posted at 2:30 PM on December 29, 2006 by Euan Kerr

1) That director Tom Tykwer builds on his magnificent work in "Run Lola Run" and "Perfume."

2) That Hollywood finds some way of preventing sequels unless they are truly justified by a good script that creates a new story with established characters, rather than just continues a story the filmmakers didn't complete last time round. (Keith Richards now has a lot riding on him, "Pirates" fans.)

3) That Hollywood declares a 10 year moratorium on penguins, live and animated. (And yes, I know Bob Saget and Samuel L. Jackson and their "Farce of the Penguins" will be with us very shortly. But I can live in hope can't I?)

4) That Eddie Murphy builds a comeback based on his work in "Dreamgirls."

5) That Angelina Jolie makes a smart thought-provoking film sometime soon. It would be good for so many reasons.

6) That Kevin Smith makes good on his pledge to make his next movie in the Twin Cities, possibly with Rosario Dawson.

7) That every filmgoer in the US sees at least one documentary in a theater in the next year.

8) That the 2007 Minneapolis St Paul International Film Festival is a huge success, again for SO many reasons.

9) That someone is working on a film adaptation of Ruth Ozeki's "My year of Meats."

10) That someone makes a real blockbuster feature film which is only available on Omni-max.

What do you hope for in the movie New Year?

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