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Shorts: Box office, Oak Street, Guest Stars, and more Box Office

Posted at 8:42 AM on August 10, 2006 by Euan Kerr

An interesting posting by Christopher Campbell on a new LA Times poll which seems to confirm fears that people prefer watching movies at home. Interestingly it also find that when people DO decide to go see a film in a theater, cost and location are more important than whether the movie is any good.

Oak Street Update: a small frisson passed through some local film fans this week when the Oak Street website lacked any information about upcoming films. Never fear: the site was just screwed up, and now features a number of upcoming titles including "Classe Tous Risques" an early Jean-Paul Belmondo film noir. It opens on August 18th, the first of a series of French film in coming weeks.

Question to the group: I have been trying without success to find any guidelines for when an actor is described as a "Guest Star" in a film. The term makes more sense in TV where an actor of stature can lend weight temporarily to a series. But as films are one-offs, what does the term actually mean? Any thoughts?

And one last thing: given the news today out of London Heathrow, you have to wonder if this is going to hurt or help box office for "World Trade Center." Probably it will be the latter, which will no doubt make Oliver Stone uncomfortable, but delight the execs.

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