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Evolution in action: Chasing Windmills

Posted at 10:52 AM on July 11, 2006 by Euan Kerr

It's not often that you truly meet people who put their money where there mouths are, but that's exactly what Cristina Cordova and Juan Antonio del Rosario are doing right now with their vlog "Chasing Windmills."

Since last fall the dynamic duo have been scripting, storyboarding, shooting, editing and posting an episodic narrative about a couple working though their testy relationship. They aim for each piece to be about 2 and a half minutes long, but Cristina admits the end products are often longer. She also admits it's a lot of work.

Cristina and Juan Antonio moved to the Twin Cities specifically to work on the vlog. Cristina had lived in Minnesota a couple of times before and they were attracted by the pace of life here. Both of them had been working in print journalism and they wanted to try something new.

Their creations are little gems, tightly written, shot, and edited. They rarely if ever appear in the same shot as they run the camera on each other. Juan Antonio says they have learned what works on the small screen, and it's very different from what might work even on TV. They use lots of close-ups and quick editing. They don't talk about the small screen, they talk about the tiny screen.

Cristina says they were pleased when their work was chosen for a screening at the Bryant Lake Bowl, but then she was horrified at how the images looked when they were projected on a big screen.

Tellingly, they also admit they have not made any money from the site yet, although that is clearly on their minds. Juan Antonio thinks product placement may be the way to go, but that's for the future too.

All this came out during a discussion arranged by Susannah McNeely Schouweiler, the editor of access+ENGAGE, which is the e-journal of Along with "Sweet Land" director Ali Selim, (who says "A Sunday in Hell" is one of his favorite movies,) we talked about the state of the local film scene, and the future of film as a medium.

Susannah promises to post a piece about the chat by the end of the week. (We talked for an hour, so she's got a lot of tape to wade through!)

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