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The Common Cents Online Forum - 4/1 - K-12 spending & reforming

Posted at 2:18 PM on March 30, 2011 by Michael Caputo

Reform of K-12 education continues to get attention at the State Capitol. As MPR's Tim Pugmire reported, the Senate passed a bill that would freeze school employee salaries, prevent teachers from striking and gives a modest per-pupil increase in spending. The measure cuts spending in other places.

And with K-12 representing a large chunk of the state budget - and with the state facing a $5 billion shortfall - funding decisions loom large in the debate.

For a week MPR has held an ongoing conversation on K-12 education based on face-to-face forums held by the Citizens League - part of their Common Cents initiative. What we discussed: How do you reform a public school system as you look to trim what is spent on it?. (Click here for some background)

On April 1 MPR held a roundtable on the topic. But we do it via your computer screen. The transcript of that conversation is in the window below and included some people who study the K-12 system and some who will advise state government on education spending:

Two members of Gov. Mark Dayton's Working Group on School Funding will be here. Dane Smith, president of Growth and Justice, an organization that has laid out an investment agenda for education. Greg Vandal, retired superintendent of the Sauk Rapids-Rice School District who now has a consulting service that is looking at how to evaluate principals.

Another roundtable panelist is Tim McDonald, a fellow at the Center for Policy Studies and an associate with Education|Evolving. He's authored a book, Unsustainable, that argues for fundamental systemic reform

Background Presentation - What the Common Cents Conversation pointed toward

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