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Online Forum: Can Rochester fight crime by aiding troubled young people?

Posted at 1:43 PM on February 10, 2011 by Michael Caputo

Does Rochester spend its money for public safety wisely? Should resources be diverted from policing functions to helping young people at risk of being offenders? Are Rochester area people mentoring young people enough?

That was the subject of an online forum on Rochester, troubled youth and public safety spending that happened on Friday afternoon (Feb. 11)

This focus on prevention followed up the public safety forum staged by MPR News and the Post-Bulletin of Rochester on February 1 at the Mayo Civic Center.

Among those invited to contribute were Public Defender Janet Krueger, RNeighbors Executive Director Rene Lafflam and City Councilman Michael Wojcik. Wojcik set up the discussion by giving his thoughts in advance on where the city ought to aim public safety spending.

Please read the transcript of the conversation below....

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