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Fact & Fears about Public Safety in Rochester (liveblogging a Feb. 1 forum)

Posted at 9:05 AM on February 1, 2011 by Michael Caputo

UPDATE II: Public Defender Janet Krueger's comments are better heard than read. She has a passion in her voice as she tries to explain how the at-risk youth seem to lack any advocates.Take a few minutes and listen to the comments by Krueger. They are at the top of the page.

UPDATE: The event, held Tuesday night, brought in about 230 people from the area in a lively discussion. You can read the full text of the forum below.

Rochester's population has grown by 21 percent over the last decade and that kind of growth often presents challenges to government services.

Public safety has been one service that has gotten the attention of Rochester leaders over the last year. New officers have been hired and a reorganization of the police department has focused on proactive policing. And yet crime stats in the area show a slight decline. So what are the problems and what aren't?

MPR News and the Post-Bulletin are holding a community-wide forum on public safety in the city and the county. What's fact? What's fiction? What's complicated and needs further explaining? Join us in person at the Ballroom at the Mayo Civic Center. Or just watch the liveblog of this event unfold below.

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