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An Insight Now community chat: How's this site working?

Posted at 9:00 AM on September 24, 2010 by Michael Caputo

We started a website in June that we pitched as an online town square for Minnesotans.

Now we want to take a step back and see if Insight Now is living up to that promise.

We now have about 130 people who have signed up to participate at the website. Some have... some haven't. We've seen people who comment freely, others who do so occasionally. That's added up to about 800 comments around nearly 90 conversation threads.

That doesn't include the live online conversations we've held since June... or the special features that you've contributed to, such as our InTakes series.

This four-month-old project has been critiqued on occasion by some of you. Comments on the usefulness of the conversations, the focus of the discussions and the guidelines used to moderate the website.

It seems the right time to have a conversation around the site itself. So, like a professor who has office hours, I will use our Friday discussion today for you to come and talk about the webspace that you are helping to create.

Let's talk about how it has worked for you? What do you think of the moderation, and quality, of the discussions? Do you like the features (such as the online forums or the daily emails)?

Most importantly, I want to know if you'd like more clarity on the purpose of the website, and more payoff from the conversations. I have an idea around this... but I want to get your views.

I will soon post comments here from some of those who can't attend today's online discussion that we can use as fodder.

Thanks for your participation today... and for the last four months.


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