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Finding the balance with wind power

Posted at 12:37 PM on July 2, 2010 by Michael Caputo

The consequences of fossil fuel dependence seems embodied in the daily reports coming from the Gulf of Mexico. And so greater attention turns to alternative sources of energy.

And wind power is a great part of that equation in Minnesota, considered one of the leading states with wind power potential.

The promise of wind power is often trumped by the reality of building the wind turbines in local communities. Township, city and county governments must weigh the potential economic and environmental benefits of a wind farm with the community's concerns about having the noise and shadow flicker of living near a turbine. We've seen clashes in places like Goodhue County and Austin.

Insight Now has had a pretty good continuing conversation on the benefits and drawbacks of wind power.

Now we want to push that discussion forward with views from different perspectives on the issue. In our next InTakes segment we asked sources in our Public Insight Network this question: How should we balance the need for alternative energy with the concerns a local community will have to a wind turbine development in their midst?

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