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Not Mr. Rogers and fake Prince

Posted at 10:00 AM on June 29, 2009 by Sanden Totten (0 Comments)

(Photos from Children's Media Foundation &

Michael Kinsell had a dream. He wanted to be the next Mr. Rogers. He had the look. He had the comforting voice. He certainly had the ambition. What he didn't have was any backing from PBS or any big-time exposure in the world of entertainment. So he set out to fix that.

Kinsell organized a huge tribute to Fred Rogers where Hollywood celebs from Tom Hanks to Yo Yo Ma were slated to come. He announced the start of a new show called Micheal's Enchanted Neighborhood. He promoted himself in the media.

But as reporters, like Dru Sefton of Current, dug deeper they found holes. Celebrities supposedly on his event's guest list claimed they hadn't even heard of Kinsell. PBS denied any relationship with him. Sefton says it quickly became clear Kinsell's claims were bogus. But then he pulled out a wild card, he promised to get Prince to endorse his cause . . . live on air. Sefton explains how this went down.

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NewsTune: Could That Someone Be "Tim The Pen..."

Posted at 11:34 AM on June 29, 2009 by Jeff Horwich (1 Comments)

tim-the-knife3.jpgI've collaborated a few times recently with listeners on music for the show, but here's our first musical collaboration across MPR services...(ooooh...)

I'm pleased to present the first joint Dale Connelly-Jeff Horwich project.

Take Dale's spot-on lyrics, add my ability to sing apparently without shame or self-consciousness and vaguely like Bobby Darin, and you have a catchy little riff on Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty's budget-slashing episode.

Download MP3

Dale (if you don't know -- who doesn't know?) hosted the Morning Show for years and now hosts Radio Heartland here at MPR. Props to Dale for the Pawlenty-Bobby Darin photo mashup as well.

Let's do this again sometime, eh?

(Hungry for more? Here are two more recent NewsTunes from the show.)

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