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Show us your Sean Connery Impression

Posted at 12:10 PM on April 24, 2009 by Sanden Totten (2 Comments)

Let the games begin.
Photo by Stuart Crawford
Everybody has an impression . . . and for most people, it's Sean Connery. His Scottish drawl, his entirely imitable pronunciation, the fact that his movies are full of great one liners . . . it's almost too easy. But who has the best Sean Connery? As the saying goes, "there can be only one."

So bring it on! Competitors, find a webcam and give us your best Sean Connery. You can follow with any other impression you want, but start with Sir Sean. And don't forget to tag your video in YouTube with ITLImpressionOff so we can find it.

There are no judges, no prizes, just your dignity at stake.

* * *
The battle began late afternoon on a Thursday. Our own Jeff Horwich and Twin Cities actor / improv guy Mike Rylander were boasting about their Connery impressions on Twitter.

All it took was a little prodding from some mischievous radio producer and we soon had The Great Sean Connery Impression Off.

Jeff dealt the first blow with this audio bite. Mike retaliated, from a moving bus mind you, with this video:

Mike made the smart move of picking an actual Connery quote from the movie The Untouchables.

Realizing he also has a webcam, Jeff ducked into an empty office and brought out his best, using a line from The Rock. Then he threw down a Christopher Walken as well, just to up the anty.

* * *

Now it's your turn.

Steal a line from Indiana Jones, be James Bond. After you've laid down your first impression you can go with any other celebrity you want. Post submission here and we'll keep track of the action on our blog. Let the games begin! As Connery himself once said "You're the man now dog!"

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