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How to smack talk the government in China without getting caught (for now)

Posted at 2:27 PM on March 16, 2009 by Sanden Totten

There is a new hero in China, his legend is sweeping across the country side. This brave fellow has stood up to oppression, vanquished enemies and fought for the rights of all Chinese people. No, not Jet Li, but close . . . it's an Alpaca.

Or actually, a "grass mud horse" to be precise. A mythical creature who has gained a following on the Internet and has been heralded in cartoons, merchandise and song. Why is this animal is so adored? His name, "grass mud horse" in Chinese sounds a lot like a dirty, dirty word. What word, you ask? Think Oedipus. Yeah, that word.

The mud horse is a response to a recent Chinese government campaign to wipe all pornographic and vulgar content from the web. Aside from the fact that vulgar content makes up 98.9999% of all web content, the netizens of China worried this effort would just be another excuse to clamp down on free speech and access to non-state run media. Enter the "grass mud horse".

When written, the words grass, mud and horse don't trip any censors. Only when said aloud do they violate your virgin ears. So writers in China are using this term, along with other raunchy homonyms, to stick it to the government without getting caught. The furry little animal has become an adorable, cuddly symbol of rebellion. Watch his triumphant video below, or if you want the translation . . . complete with the double meanings, click here (there will be cussing).

Busy busy busy (a song for Obama's first months)

Posted at 3:44 PM on March 16, 2009 by Jeff Horwich (2 Comments)

cashbama2.jpgYes, it seems there's so much to do in Washington we can hardly fit it all in. Or keep track.

With a little inspiration from Johnny Cash, here's a song that runs down the hands-on agenda of our busy, busy President:

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I imagine this is what Billy Joel felt like when he was laboring over "We Didn't Start the Fire..."

And I can't believe no one had ever photoshopped Obama and Johnny Cash together. Someone had to be the first.

Here...if you want to peek...are the lyrics:

Doing everything man
All that I can bring man
Rulin' like a king man
Got to take my swing man
Time is trickling man
Doing everything

Stem cells, education
Confirmations, stimulation
Earmarks, public parks
Women's rights, puppy barks
Building roads, bailing banks
Kissing babies giving thanks
Health insurance big plan
Beefin' up Afghanistan
Closin' up Guantanamo
Hard luck road show
Meetin' China, Green jobs
Pow'rin cars with corn cobs

Doing everything man
All that I can bring man
Spending lots of bling man
More than I can sing man
Pelosi is my wing man
Doing everything

Deficit SCHIP
First European trip
Broadband, DTV
Showin' love for Kennedy
Speech time Colorado, Indiana, Carolina
Ohio, California, Florida, Ottowa
Morgage holders, auto-makers,
parachutin' profit takers
Teacher pay fight crime
compromise, no time!

Doing everything man
All that I can bring man
Power-happy fling man
Gotta do my thing man
Before my ratings swing man
Doing everything

Crackin' down on no-bids
Fixing bridges Smart Grids
Middle class task force
Trying not to outsource
Iran, Waterboarding, open up to more reporting
Wind up Clinton let her go
No one better mess with Joe
While I'm at it, what the heck:
Eight bucks in your paycheck
Press conference, on the air
On the web, I'm everywhere

Doing everything man
All that I can bring man
Step into the ring man
So much happening man
(got) no plans after Spring man
Doing everything

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