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Potential veeps in poetic verse

Posted at 11:23 AM on October 2, 2008 by Sanden Totten (2 Comments)

Tonight's VP debates should be interesting. And of course we'll be talking about it on our show tomorrow. But instead of turning to spinsters and pundits, In The Loop has asked a pair of poets to weigh in on the two candidates. They'll be watching the debates and they'll give us their impressions in verse.

To get us warmed up, they've each written a poem about the candidate they are following. Enjoy!


Governor Palin,
let's be honest.
You are a remarkably

weird choice
for Republican vice-
presidential candidate.

You have confidence,
you say, and that
seems true enough.

When McCain asked,
you didn't blink,
you say, because

you're wired
in that certain way
people on a mission

need to be wired;
in other words, you try
not to overthink.

Let's not mistake
your confidence
for naïveté.

It's like
the Nike

"Just Do It."
We've bought that line
for a long time,

but now it rings
a little hollow:
do what, precisely?

- by Aaron Belz

Forgotten But Not Gone

Barack, how can my experience help the ticket
if no one experiences me?

The press didn't even notice when
I said you can put lipstick on a moose
but it's still just a moose you've shot

It's gaffe watch only
for the TV crews with me
See if Joe says something stupid

While Palin tries to say nothing at all
day after day,
I'm a swing state ghost.

Well, all I can say is
I can't wait
for the debate.

- By Craig Kenworthy

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