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Losing the "liberal" from college campuses?

Posted at 10:00 AM on September 26, 2008 by Sanden Totten (2 Comments)

It's no secret that most college campuses have a left leaning reputation. In fact, at some schools it's as if they include a Ralph Nader bumper sticker and a pair of Birkenstock's with every student's acceptance package.

You can trace a lot of that back to the rabblerousing 1960's. But that generation is fading from higher education. The New York Times recently looked into the retirement of the ultra-lefty baby boom professors and found that the educators who are replacing them aren't nearly as radical:

"When it comes to those who consider themselves "liberal activists," 17.2 percent of the 50-64 age group take up the banner compared with only 1.3 percent of professors 35 and younger."

Conservatives have also been working harder to level the playing field in college curriculum. They've been sponsoring programs and lectures that focus on some of "the great books often derided during the culture wars as the history of 'dead white men.'"

In fact, I even noticed on a recent trip back to my alma mater that current students seem have a somewhat romantic affection for the writings of Ayn Rand.

So what do you think . . . are you in college? Do you have kids going off to a school this fall? Or maybe, like me you recently went back for a reunion . . . Are colleges really leaving the left?

It might say something that in his new movie Slacker Uprising, Michael Moore tries to convince college students to get out and vote this November. His appeal (at least in the promo) has nothing to do with left-wing policies and more to do with free Ramen Noodles:

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