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Ford speaks from both corners of its grill

Posted at 10:25 AM on July 7, 2008 by Jeff Horwich (4 Comments)

Being a little more of a shut-in with the arrival of my baby, I've been watching a more live (i.e. not recorded) TV. And with that comes (gasp) commercials, which normally I rarely see any more.

"Big Dog" unveils the 2009 F-150 at a recent auto show (via YouTube)
And I'm quickly getting sick to death of Toby Keith.

As if the actual political ads on all the time aren't enough, we've got Toby donning a hard-hat and walking through the Ford F-150 plant patting workers on the backs and shouting things like, "This is the truck that helped build this country!"

Then we learn we get employee pricing on F-150s, because with gas prices like they are, apparently Ford can hardly give the things away.

While Ford is busy unabashedly using Toby Keith to sell gas-guzzlers to the workin' man, they're also busy hyping "green" design in their vehicles, talking up their plans for hydrogen, and research into "plug-in" hybrid vehicles that one day they may actually sell.

Still, these links are all just press releases -- it's clear from the ubiquitous Toby Keith ads that Ford is clinging to the one story it can tell that'll (maybe) make it any money right now: Muscle, patriotism, and obliviousness to the changing world around us.

UPDATE: A commenter asked us to post a copy of the commercial. Luckily, someone already obliged on YouTube (though it's all squished -- not my fault).

CORRECTION: After viewing the video again, Toby Keith is not wearing a hard hat. We deeply regret the error.

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