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Has a presidential candidate shown up in your dreams lately?

Posted at 12:45 PM on March 27, 2008 by Sanden Totten

Sometimes our dreams let us know how we really feel . . . other times, they totally change our feelings. Take this 22 year old female Obama supporter for example:

"I met McCain in a big industrial kitchen. He looked about ten years younger than he does on TV . . . Suddenly I realized that he was in love with me, and to my own surprise I realized that I was in love with him, too. I was overcome with embarrassment and sadness because I knew nobody would respect me for loving an older man, especially a Republican, but I had never fallen so quickly for someone before."

That's an expert from a dream posted on the site I Dream of McCain. It's part of a "metaphysical poll" on the three presidential candidates. There's also I Dream of Barack and I Dream of Hillary.

Dreamers can log on and enter their own night time trysts with one of the three presidential hopefuls. It's also fun to read through. The New Yorker did a nice overview of common dream-themes. Sex, death, cars and drugs all come up regularly ("Hillary Clinton came to my apartment, smoked a bowl with me and a couple friends, then she gave me an iPhone," one dreamer wrote.)

Overall, the dreams are surprisingly personal. Picnics, vacations, therapy sessions . . . people are getting the kind of face time with candidates that would make even Iowans jealous. And more than once a supporter of one candidate is wooed by the opposite candidate in a dream. In fact, I'm sure if they could, the candidates would jump all over the chance to hit the dreamscape campaign trail. They could make personal pleas to each American for their vote, and not be held responsible if they smoke a dream bowl along the way.

Got a dream of your own? Go ahead and submit it here, or post something below. What other famous people have popped up in your dreams? Did it change the way you felt about them?

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