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The best of YouTube: like the Oscars only less predictable

Posted at 4:54 PM on March 21, 2008 by Sanden Totten (2 Comments)

A glimpse into the narrative of America? The best of the lowest common denominator? The "genius" of crowds? The most famous you can get without actually being famous?

No matter what you want to make of it, YouTube has announced the winners of the 2007 Video Awards .

Unlike the Oscars, YouTube doesn't have a "best video" category. It just has 12 genre categories, like comedy, music and "adorable". I like that better though. The title "best picture" always seems a tad presumptuous. What if I don't like subtle dramas about the human condition? Can it really be the "best" if I'd rather see a movie with talking animals or zombie escape scenes?

Anyway, the winners are certainly worthy. Some of my favorites are there, like Human Tetris (winner in the Creative category), Potter Puppet Pals (Comedy) and local vocal phenom Tay Zonday (Music).

None of these videos look perfect. A lot of them are only interesting for one or two minutes. Some of them I don't quite get. But still, there's something triumphant about each one. Whether it's a heard of water buffalo's rescuing a calf from a pride of hungry lions, a strangely deep voiced singer getting his moment in the spotlight or a formula for beating the Rubick's Cube, each of these videos is a little story of victory. And honestly, I feel like I got a much better look at the "human condition" through these twelve videos than any of the "best picture" Oscar winners of recent memory.

Go ahead and check them out. It'll only take about a half hour of your day. And let me know what you make of it all. If you had to pick, would you rather see the best films according to the Oscars or according to YouTube?

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