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Super Tuesday limerick MADNESS!!!!

Posted at 3:43 PM on February 1, 2008 by Jeff Horwich

Ok, that's it with the "MADNESS" stuff....

When we sent out questions to listeners to get ready for our Super Tuesday forum, we added a request for anyone to write us an "ode" to their favorite, candidate, issue, etc. Not many people took up the call, but listener Kate Kahlert of Inver Grove Heights met it with gusto:

There once were many leaders fast racing
to be president, so votes they were chasing
they paid lots of money
calling dear babies "honey"
and sweet-talking while calls they were placing

"The people", they knew, or they said,
"would like me 'cause I'm great and will shed
the past president's disgraces
look at our faces
trust us, prosperity we'll spread"

They boasted and begged and they pleaded
and promised that others would soon be defeated
"I can only offer
what's good for your coffer
and you'll never ever feel you're mistreated"

But the people weren't dumb and they knew
that the common good was what's best and most true
how couldn't it be
that a powerful person would see
that lies were what people saw through

So the people they came and they voted
the power-hungry, they quickly demoted
all would soon know
republicans would go
a Democrat won, the world happily noted!

We also had a very succinct haiku tribute to Barack Obama from Eric Cannedy:

obama, i swoon.
how you really got my vote:
the message of hope

Serene. Thanks, Eric and Kate!

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