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I'll name your baby at a discount rate

Posted at 10:25 AM on December 11, 2007 by Sanden Totten (2 Comments)

I'm not saying that I want a baby right now, I'm just saying I'd really like to name one.

Especially when you consider all the fun tools there are nowadays to help you pick a moniker for your little tyke.

I'd start with the basics. I'd read up on this How Stuff Works site to make sure I don't commit one of fundamental mistakes of baby naming - like giving my child initials that spell out a cuss word or naming them anything that rhymes with or sounds like a body part we associate with bathrooms.

Next, I'd read up on current baby naming trends. These days, boy names that end in an "en" sound are hot. Like Jayden, Aidan or Snowedin . . . For girls, a name ending in an "ah" sound is in. So, Mia, Sarah, Kayla or Kiera. And one of the fastest growing names for little ladies is Nevaeh (nah-VAY-uh), it's "heaven" spelled backwards.

Then, I'd look for historical precedence. I'd make sure there were no terrible dictators or plagues that bare the same name as my little child. I would find out what it translates to in other languages and then I would see how popular it's been over the last hundred years or so. (Definitely check this link out. It allows you to see a graphic representation of a name's popularity over time . . . go ahead, see how many people in 1890 shared your name).

Lastly, when I decide that I want a kid with a truly unique name, I'll just use this baby name generator to randomly assemble a perfect handle (look to the top left of the page for the new name). According to this formula, my baby will be named . . . Anut. Wait a minute, that sounds like "a nut"! I can't have my kid going around being called a nut. Sigh. Okay, from the top again.

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