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Volunteering: The fountain of youth?

Posted at 10:44 AM on November 6, 2007 by Sanden Totten (4 Comments)

Next week we'll be inviting you, our savvy and might I add very attractive audience, to the UBS Forum for a discussion about America's charity habits. (Get your free tickets now!)

One of the numbers we've been looking at is America's rate of volunteering. We maybe #1 when it comes to charitable giving, but we are eighth in the world when it comes to volunteering.

Why is that, I wonder, when the benefits of volunteering are enormous?

Not for the charity organizations, they benefit too, I'm sure . . . but I'm talking about the benefits for the individual! A little cursory research has led me to believe volunteering could very well be the fountain of youth. Let me present my evidence:

Volunteering makes you live longer.
Volunteering boosts self esteem.
Volunteering reduces blood pressure.

Volunteering helps you lose weight.

And if you need more incentive, volunteering makes us happier than any other activity besides dancing, it can get you a date and it's just plain sexy.

In fact, if they could find a way to bottle it up and charge you for it, I'm sure big pharm would. So seriously, get out there and volunteer while it's free and plentiful. When you are still building habitats for humanity on your 134th birthday, you'll thank me.

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