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MinnPost vs. Daily Mole: Who will rule the future of journalism?

Posted at 12:46 PM on November 1, 2007 by Jeff Horwich

Well...aside from In The Loop ;-)

Ladies and germs, welcome to the first great battle of the Twin Cities' post-newspaper world. Or at least the first worthwhile skirmish.

Former Star-Tribune editor Joel Kramer seems to have gotten all the press, with his plans for a new online news site called MinnPost.

But former CityPages editor Steve Perry (I think he's heard all the "Journey" jokes already) beat him to the punch with the launch of The Daily Mole, which went live to the public a day or two ago.

It's really too early to compare the two, since MinnPost hasn't actually offered up any content (the site is stocked with commentaries on how it plans to do what it's going to do, when it does it starting November 8). And the main content on the Daily Mole so far seems to be...Steve himself ... and a very strange approach to delivering the weather. (From a casual conversation I had with Steve this summer, I understand he's got more contributors lined up.)

From an outsider's perspective, MinnPost seems to be flaunting an all-star cast (names like Doug Grow, Jay Weiner, Britt reads like the manifest of lifeboats from the "Titanic" that appears to be the Twin Cities' newspaper industry).

On the other hand, the Mole has attitude and a vibe of actual fun that is yet to emanate from the pages of MinnPost. And while the MinnPost is spending some ink justifying what is is not going to do, the Daily Mole looks less afraid to dwell in territory that, let's face it, online audiences want to wallow in.

Two products, both sort of promising the same thing, but going about it in very different ways. Should be interesting.

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