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Yeah, but how many tiny veggie corn dogs have I eaten?

Posted at 11:20 AM on April 30, 2007 by Sanden Totten (6 Comments)

If I could have one wish (and assuming hunger, war and blue Mondays were already taken care of) it would be to have the ability to see, in exact quantities, the number of times I have done various things throughout my life. Like the number of times I sneezed. The number of avocados I have eaten. The number of lies I have told. The number of pounds of skin I have shed. The quantity and species of live bugs I have swallowed unknowingly. I once read an interview in McSweeney's where the guest said that Heaven was a room filled with piles of all the things you ever ate. I kind of agree. That would be something I could amused by for, if not all of eternity, at least half of it.

Well, it looks like one TV crew has made a little piece of Heaven here on earth.

A British TV show called Human Footprint will seek to quantify all angles of our lives. From how long we are expected to live ( 2,475,576,000 seconds) to how much gas we will pass while living that long (35.815 stinky liters). Some surprising stats can be found on this page, if you check out the image on the right.

Does the amount of vomit people produce surprise you? . . . Yeah, I think it's an underestimate too. And 198 bottles of shampoo in a lifetime seems way too low. Are these people remembering to rinse and repeat?

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