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A port in the info storm

Posted at 1:42 AM on March 22, 2007 by Andrew Haeg (1 Comments)

If you're like me, you're up to your eyeballs in info. Tossed and battered by constant emails, web sites, RSS feeds, amusing and amazing online ephemera, etc.

The problem isn't that it's all uninteresting, or a waste of my time. The real problem is that I'm genuinely interested in most of it. The last day or two, Africa has been on my mind, from a guy retracing the steps of Dr. Livingstone, to Belgium, where mineral explorers are turning to old maps and rocks from the Congo to find treasure. Amazing stories, really.

Then there's all sorts of amazing arcana on Boing Boing, and of course the Ridley Scott takeoff Hillary 1984 faux-mercial on YouTube (which is total dross as viral video ... no originality!) ... and the wastebasket game, and any number of a hundred million other things to grab my attention.

But what's the stuff that makes us really stop and think? Really consider our place on earth? Our humanity? For me, it's Frontline and Fresh Air and The Story with Dick Gordon and Arts and Letters Daily. And, of course ... In the Loop

Things that make me pause. Make me consider and reconsider. What's your port in the info storm?

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Wait a minute, something is missing from this bathroom . . .

Posted at 2:55 PM on March 22, 2007 by Sanden Totten

Tonight we tape our next episode of In the Loop: Are you your job? But a friend passed a long an article from today's New York Times that got me thinking back to last month's episode.

It's a feature about a family that are doing everything they can to lead a no-impact life . . . well, not everything. They still use the stove, they have a few fluorescent lights (but mostly use candles) and they cook with imported salt. Oh, and they live in Manhattan. This brings up a lot of questions.

How do you get around? Scooters.

What do you cook? Local foods.

What if you work on the 12th floor? Stairs, no elevator.

What about toilet paper? . . . Um, you should read the article. Let's just say toilet paper is a luxury not afforded to folks living the no-impact lifestyle.

Keeping all of your actions in mind seems like a ton of work. Especially in a big city like New York. My first question was, who has the time and money to make all these sacrifices? Well, it turns out that the guy behind this scheme is being paid to do it. He's writing a book about the experiment. I guess for a select few being green can be your job too.

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