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Music Videos! (Sort of.)

Posted at 3:20 PM on March 9, 2007 by Jeff Horwich

Thanks to the nifty set of cameras built into the walls of the UBS Forum, we recorded portions of the last show. Just got the videos of the musical performances up on YouTube:

The first tune is a country-fied ode to watching "An Inconvenient Truth," called "Guess It's Better That Way." The second is an homage to environmental hypocrisy from The Smarts, called "Winning Recipe For Failure."

The sound is just slightly out of sync, since we had to match the sound from the actual radio show up with the video (which had very poor sound on its own). I can tell this going to be huge, because our views on YouTube are seriously up to, like, 11.

Pork rectum. Yum!

Posted at 5:49 PM on March 9, 2007 by Jeff Horwich

Last night we met with our network at the Bad Waitress Cafe. I love these little gatherings we have. Not only is it a pleasant surprise to meet folks who like our show and want to be a part of it, but you get to hear people say the darnedest things . . . (pics by Johnny Morson and Jeff Horwich)

This weeks winner was a story about pork intestines.

We asked folks if what they do for a living came up first and foremost when they made introductions at parties. Most said yes. But one person said she actively avoided the question. The reason? Well, she worked for a company that sells pork intestines and rectums to specialty food companies. Understandably not the kind of thing you want others to associate with you when they just met you. But the interesting thing was, she had better stories about her work life than anyone else. She said she'd often walk into the shipping room and see someone holding up a stretch of intestine with a frown on their face.marchgather1.jpg

"What's wrong?" she'd ask.

"These intestines are too short." was the reply. "Nobody wants to eat a short intestine."

Indeed. And I would have never known that if I was talking to just another office clerk . . .

We'll share more stories like that during our next show which will tape Thursday, March 22nd (you can get free tickets here). Also, Jeff and I have a new LoopCast for you. This one features an interview with a Dominatrix and a poem about stretching. Subscribe here, download an MP3 here or stream it on your computer here. Enjoy!

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