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Are snow days for grown ups too?

Posted at 4:10 PM on March 1, 2007 by Sanden Totten (7 Comments)

Okay, maybe I'm just too new to Minnesota to see the threat posed by this snow storm, but truthfully, all this fuss is making me giddy. Granted, I have never actually been in a blizzard before and last week was my first real experience shoveling snow (you're gonna hate me but I thought it was . . . fun!). But I can't help thinking about how much as a kid I loved the anticipation of a good snowfall in hopes that maybe, just maybe we'd get enough to shut down school.

And as I watch my fellow workers at MPR take off for the day a few hours early, and I overhear some of them wonder if they will be working from home tomorrow, I get all excited again.What is it about missing your daily routine that is so fun?

Any insights?

To bring it back to the question of our jobs (since after all, our next In the Loop will tackle jobs head on), I think something about natural events really shakes up our relationship to our work life in a good way. Left to our own devices, many of us will force ourselves to work more, stay later and give more of our mind over to our job. But when something like a snow storm comes along it knocks us back into perspective. When you can't stay late, when you can't make it to work early then you are forced to admit that your job really isn't everything. That there are basic things -- like walkways to be shoveled, hot cocoa to drink, friends and family to check in on -- things that when the snow hits the pavement take precedence over what ever we do for a paycheck . . . plus snowball fights. They are awesome.

Speaking of which, I should take off. But if you are stuck inside and reading this, tell me, what feeling does a snow storm give you?

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