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Weekly recap

Posted at 2:15 PM on May 2, 2008 by Michael Marchio (1 Comments)

You know the session is nearing its final days when every committee is a conference committee. The health care reform bill, omnibus public safety, transportation policy, higher ed policy, economic development, and agriculture and veterans bills are sadly the only ones getting attention by our lawmakers, so it won't be a great day for MFL points, but the governor has helped us out by signing 17 bills this week. Some high-stakes negotiations are set to take place this weekend, we'll see if there's a breakthrough.

As promised, here's your weekly recap.

Gold League -

Minnetonka Redress is really running away with this one. Last week, they had 3,413 and the second place team, bemidji beavers, had 3,033. After 80 floor-a-palooza and 250 bill signing points later, they're up to 4,062. Pretty good stuff, Minnetonka Redress. Bemidji beavers, Caucus-o-Raucous, Highland Politics round out the top four, with Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy bumping Know Spin Zone out of 5th. Whig'n Out had a good week, jumping ahead of Pragmatics and the Sausage Makers. Alas, the Kill Bills are once again bringing up the rear.

Maroon League -

The But For Test had a nice bounce, from 3,630 to 4,219 points in one week. Why are these top teams earning 600 points each week? The answer, it seems, is they both have the presumptive MFL MVP on their teams, Sen. Ann Rest. All Else Equals is #2 again, but Blue BMW, the Ex-Pat and the Lawsages keep grappling for spots 3,4, and 5. Blue BMW has earned themselves about a 100 point lead, but only 40 points separate the Ex-Pats and the Lawsages. MilVets had a really good week, moving up to number #6. They had 4 bills signed for 200 points. Sen. Tony Lourey is this teams heavy hitter, but Rep. Dan Severson is a reliable floor-a-palooza point getter. Good job, MilVets. Sweaters not Suitcoats, Rochester Ramblers, The Second Readings and Delete all hold their positions though.

Green League -

id10t continues to lead here, at 3,905 from 3,408 last week. Elizabeth Tobias's Healthy Gophers finally made some separation with our other Healthy Gopher's team, run by Mary Jane Seiben, thanks to a very solid week by Victory 08, who moved into the third spot between our Gophers. Victory 08 moved from 2,384 last week to 2,989 today. Thats pretty good. The Rump Group and fear and loathing on the campaign trail both held their spots, and Frankenphile had a considerably better week than their namesake did, moving from 1,792 to 2,523.

Red League -

Brod Appeal and Good Bye Mady's are closing on the #1 team over here, Janet Reno's Dance Team. They're still in the lead, but Brod Appeal had a great week, getting four bills past the governor for 200 points and another 60 in floor-a-palooza points. They made #2 this week, and Good Bye Mady's fell to third. Every other team here held their position.

Blue League -

Blue Thunder nearly doubled their bills signed and did double their floor-a-palooza points, to bring their total to 3,234 from 2,617 last week. The Wobblers beat the Party Party for the #2 spot, though, and political ninjas gave a kung-fu chop to House Call, who fell to five in this league. This still remain pretty close here, and I could see more than a few teams coming away with the MFL banner before the end of the session.

Purple League -

Legislicious is still #1 here, but MN Connections is the real story this week. They had five of their bills pass, and picked up a tidy 80 points in floor-a-paloozas this week to bring them to #2, over Hopemongers and the Obamazons. Those two teams are third and fourth, and Pirate's Booty also did all right, taking the Fighting Mongooses spot at 6.

Orange League -

Teams here look pretty locked into where they are. Outstaters, followed Curlybro's Congress, and The Rudi G's are all first, second and third, like they were last week. The only movement we've had is with the Leginators beating the Veto Gals for the ninth spot. Seems like some teams should try mixing it up, and using our waivers. Its crunch time, and there are a lot of lawmakers who are going to get floor hearings on their bills. Check out the calendar for the House and Senate.

Yellow League -

Attack of the DFL is still number one here, followed by Caucusing Fool and the Volatile Organic Compounds. Again, every one not in first should be looking at that calendar before waivers on Sunday to see who has a lot of bills coming up. Rainy days like this are a good time for legislative wonkery.

Brown League -

The Ultraliberal Elite picked up their usual 600 points this week, from 3,949 to 4,511. The Indefatigable Bill Carriers are no slouch either at 3,571, but they didn't pick up points quick enough to catch the Ultraliberal Elite this week. Harry potter rules is still number 3 but the Now New Taxers continue to climb. This week they're in fourth, and added another 150 to their total.

Black League -

The Capitol Punishers are knocking on the door to 5,000 points. This week, they're at 4,898 and the safe money is on them cracking that wide open by next week. Farmers 4 No Lobby are in second, with Fritz's Frenzy beating out the newburg filibusters and the Warriors for third. Way to go Frenzy.

Grey League -

Every team held its spot here, with the BSU Poliscientists continuing to lead, with Strange Bedfellows, PoliSci 2nd Semester and the CyberHouse Players holding their spots. The Knights topped the Bush League Bombers and the Conservatives too are marching steadily upwards, topping poliwho and the Liberal students of change.

White League -

Each team, as it has for pretty much the whole season, held its spot here, so the White League could probably use a little mixing up too. Take a look at those Calendars and try to pick up lawmakers who have there names attached to a bunch. This league is still anyone's to win, but those lawmakers aren't going to pick themselves up.

The House and Senate will be meeting on Monday, Thursday and probably one day in between this week, so I'm going to try for a floor-a-palooza in both chambers. I'll issue a post when we find a nice controversial piece of legislation they'll be taking up.

Comments (1)

Go Team MilVets!

Run for the Roses!

Oops, that's the horse race.

Don't forget to watch the Derby today.

That race only takes less than 3 minutes.

Posted by Nancy G | May 3, 2008 6:50 AM