Thursday, September 29, 2016

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The Nuclear Option

Posted at 8:43 PM on May 13, 2008 by Michael Marchio

You know that scene at the end of Dr. Strangelove, when Slim Pickens hops on top of the bomb, ready to ride it down to its fiery destination? That's kind of like watching the Senate right now. They've just taken up HF1812 (we can call it Slim, even though its 200 pages long), the budget balancer, so it looks safe to say that negotiations with the governor are pretty much done for. Sen. Cohen has explained it to lawmakers. If there's ever a time to watch the Legislature, it's right now. Stream the Senate or House.

Sen. Pogemiller said they'd also be taking up a bonding bill for the Central Corridor in the Senate, and Rep. Mariani's Real ID prohibition (the substituted language the Senate approved earlier) is being taken up right now in the House.

UPDATE: Rep. Seifert just asked why Rep. Hortman's name is on a bill from Rep. Mariani - the Real ID prohibition. If he read the Commisioner's blog, he wouldn't have to ask.