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Shooting for two floor-a-paloozas

Posted at 1:03 PM on May 5, 2008 by Michael Marchio (1 Comments)

Okay MFL managers, we're going to shoot for two floor-a-paloozas today. There was no budget breakthrough this weekend, but at best we've got another two weeks left, so the Commish is going to do his best to get your teams as many chances for points as he can.

In the House, the subject of our floor-a-palooza will be HF3149, the omnibus tax bill carried by Rep. Ann Lenczewski.

In the Senate, the bill will be SF2211, carried by Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller. This one isn't a sure thing to be heard today, but if this one has to be delayed until Wednesday or Thursday, we'll do it then. This could be considered one of the most important bills lawmakers deal with this year, especially if Minnesota loses a congressional seat after the 2010 census. I'm guessing your lawmakers will have a lot to say about both of these bills.

The first bill the House is taking up is the conference committee report on HF2553, the bridge collapse compensation bill, and some victims of that collapse are in the House chamber right now. The commish will see if he can get some reaction from them.

Comments (1)

Why not use Ellen Anderson's mortgage deferment bill instead of a Pogemiller bill?

Posted by linda higgins | May 5, 2008 2:42 PM