Tuesday, September 27, 2016

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Rep. Walker has the gavel

Posted at 12:29 PM on May 16, 2008 by Michael Marchio

Speaker Kelliher continued her tradition of having retiring lawmakers take a few minutes up at the speaker's rostrum, and today Rep. Neva Walker (DFL-Minneapolis) had the honor.

As she gaveled the session open, it's procedure to have the chief clerk begin reading the House Journal from the previous day unless someone orders it dispensed with, which happens every day and is actually a long, complicated request.

Rep. John Lesch rose and Speaker Walker called on him and he said "Madam Speaker, I'd really like for you to have them stop reading that."

"Rep. Lesch, I know I don't come to the beginning of session often, but I know that's not what we do," she joked.

Well done, Rep. Walker. We'll probably see a few more retiring lawmakers up in the rostrum before they day is over.

The House quickly went into recess, as has the Senate, to re-enter budget negotiations with the governor. They should be back in about an hour, according to Speaker Kelliher, so keep checking back, we may have some big news for you.

The Commish has heard mumbling that the House will be taking up the medical marijuana bill, and I'll be liveblogging that and probably a lot more this afternoon. Minority Leader Seifert suggested on Midday that this could end like the Spirit of 1776 smoothly landing, it could be like the Hindenberg, going up in a ball of flames, or the Enola Gay could swing by and drop an A-bomb on the whole thing? So which is it MFL managers, what avaiation metaphor will this session end like?