Sunday, September 25, 2016

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No RNC $$$?

Posted at 8:53 PM on May 13, 2008 by Michael Marchio

Oh boy.

Sen. Claire Robling (R-Jordan) found out an interesting little factoid. The budget balancer bill, HF1812, doesn't have any provision for the Republican National Convention security money, which was supposed to be in there. The federal government is supposed to pay that money back after the convention. She wants to know why it isn't in there.

Sen. Betzold said he and Sen. Fredrickson voted for it, but it wasn't included in the final report. Sen. Dick Cohen, the finance boss in the Senate, said that there's no kind of contractual guarantee that the money will be paid back, so they decided not to put it in.

Sen. Senjem is not happy about this. "It's not MInnesota. It's not the way we operate around here."

This is like when kids are on the playground, and one juts out his chin and says "Hit me, I dare ya!" The kid doing the daring is the Senate, and the one with a fist, or maybe just a veto stamp at the ready, is the governor. What's he going to do?

The Senate laid HF1812 on the table to await action on the House and is taking up other bills.

UPDATE: The Senate is now in recess, and Speaker Kelliher and Rep. Sertich are both out of the chamber. Are they reopening negotiations?