Saturday, October 1, 2016

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How would you spend conservation money?

Posted at 10:47 PM on May 17, 2008 by Michael Marchio

SF2492 would create a Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources. This group would decide where some of the money for the dedicated natural resources funding would go if the Constitutional amendment is adopted in November. It passed, easily.

Speaking of Constitutional amendments, Rep. Lyndon Carlson's one which would allow leadership and majority of members on the Rules Committee in each chamber to call special sessions without the governor's approval has just been brought up on the floor.

A big stack of amendments are starting to pile up for this one. I don't think the Republicans like it very much.

Rep. Carlson rose on a point of personal priviledge to point out that 268 amendments have been prepared for HF1812, the omnibus budget balancer. He said if they spend 10 minutes on each one (that's much quicker than they usually process amendments) it would mean 2,680 minutes, or 44 hours of debate on that bill alone. That's a long time to debate one bill.

Minority Leader Seifert pointed out that the Legislature didn't even meet on Wednesday, that they spent time talking about letting dogs into cafes, gorilla cages and all manner of other things during the session, and that if the Legislature is going to do something as serious as change the constitution, it deserves some debate.

They're recessing and Rep. Seifert says that it could be 3:00(!) a.m. before the Health Care reform bill is finished getting drafted.

Earlier tonight, I stopped by the food cart on the second floor in the Capitol. I noticed a sign on the cash register that said "ibuprofen is available," and told the cashier that's a smart thing to be selling on a night like this. He said something to the effect of "Selling? We're giving those things away." Lawmakers and MFL Commissioners will no doubt be grateful.