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Weekly Recap

Posted at 2:42 PM on April 11, 2008 by Michael Marchio

This week, the governor signed into law about twenty bills, and that meant big points for your teams, so this week would be a good time to track our movement - league by league.
Remember, a signature is worth 50 points, more than anything besides an override, and in the next couple weeks all these bills getting their differences smoothed out in conference committee will be making their way to the governor's desk, so we should see a lot of jockeying in the coming weeks.

Before we get down to business, next week I'll be doing at least one floor-a-palooza, and I'll let you know where it is.

Gold League -

No change at the top, both Minnetonka Redress and the bemidji beavers are still numbers #1and #2, but Highland Politics topped out Caucus-o-Rama for the third spot. Nice job there, Caucus-o-Rama. This league stayed mostly the same from last, with the exception of Vast Left Wing Conspiracy jumping up a spot thanks to the governor's John Hancock on HF2932, a bill on cemetery maintenance.

Maroon League -

The But For Test and All Else Equals are holding strong at the top, while the Expats overcame the Sweaters not Suitcoats for third, and the Second Readings jumped a couple of spots to #5.

Green League -

id10t is at #1 with 2517, but Health Gophers are closing, gaining more than 100 points on them from 1,985 to 2,141. Rankings stayed mostly the same in this league from last week.

Red League -

Janet Reno's Dance Team is still #1, along with Good Bye Madys and Brod Appeal rounding out the top three. Rep. Brod had a nice pun this week, when discussing some bill on the floor. A DFLer was talking about how broadly a bill can be read, and Rep. Brod said something to the effect that she is always for reading a bill Brod-ly. I may give bonus points for Brod-puns in the future.

Blue League -

This is probably the best balanced of all our leagues - pretty much all the teams are within range of winning this thing. Right now, Blue Thunder is tops, followed by the Wobblers and then The Party Party, which overtook House Call for third. If there was an actual "Party Party" which lawmakers would be in it? Thoughts anyone?

Purple League -

Most teams are holding steady in this league, with Legislicious, the Hopemongers, MN Connections, Obamazons and junkymonkey, maintaining the positions they've held for a couple of weeks. Only change here has been the Jazz Thinkers switching spots with the Penguins.

Orange League -

Rankings stayed mostly the same here, but The Rudy G.'s did the best, earning some 230 points since last week. If they keep this up they'll be giving the Outstates and Curlybro's Congress a run for their money in no time.

Yellow League -

Again, mostly the same, but the Morris Fightin' DFLers are running a clinic, getting two bills signed into law by the governor, and picking up 100 points right there.

Brown League -

Ultraliberal Elite are tops, followed by the Indefatigable Bill Carriers, and while Harry Potter may rule, harry potter rules! isn't doing too bad either, in 3rd place.

Black League -

Don't give up hope yet, Brown League, but Capitol Punishers are handing out a beating right now. At 3,373 points, they're nearly double the next team, the Farmers 4 No Lobby, who themselves had a pretty good week topping the newburg filibusters for 3rd. I guess thats what happens when you have Sen. Linda Higgins and Sen. Ann Rest on your team, and Sen. Paul Koering is no slouch either. Farmers 4 No Lobby, though, are doing with only 20 points - one lawmaker - earning floor-a-palooza points. Most teams have about five lawmakers.

Grey League -

BSU Poliscientists and Strange Bedfellows continue to lead, but Bush League Bombers had a really good week, jumping two spots to 3rd place, and passing PoliSci 2nd Semester and the Cyber House painters.

White League -

Last but not least, no movement in the White League, but GWAR ran up about 300 points this week from 950 to 1248. Pretty good.

Well that's it for this week. When the Commish hears word of a nice controversial piece of legislation to do a floor-a-palooza on, I'll give you the heads up so you can watch along.