Monday, September 26, 2016

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Quiet now, floor-a-palooza later

Posted at 4:41 PM on April 22, 2008 by Michael Marchio

Today was a pretty quiet day at the Legislature, with conference committees doing the brunt of the work. HF3551, Sen. Linda Berglin and Rep. Tom Huntley's Health Care reform bill, HF3477, Rep. Paul Gardner and Sen. John Marty's lending practices bill, and HF1812, Rep. Lyndon Carlson and Sen. Dick Cohen's finance bill that all hopes of a balanced budget are pinned on, all spend some time in front of one.

Both the PedalPub and the 4:00 a.m. bar close for the Republican National Convention were discussed in front of the Commerce and Consumer protection, and lawmakers seemed to like the idea. In fact, not a single one voiced opposition. The owner of the PedalPub, Al Boyce, brought one of the contraptions down to the Capitol for the hearing, and said that if a conference committee is necessary, they could hold it on the PedalPub. Watch it here.

Over in the House, Rep. Ann Lenczewski's Tax Committee heard testimony about the Mall of America expansion proposal. The bill, part of the omnibus tax bill, SF2869, in the Senate, would extend the tax breaks for the Mall to pay to the tune of $204 million for a new parking ramp.

Rep. Lenczewski's doesn't sound like a big fan of this proposal, as it kind of flies in the face of her HF4103 , the "No corporate tax breaks" bill.

"I don't think we should target public resources to help an individual company," she told MPR's Tim Pugmire earlier this session.

Still, her committee gave it about as thorough a hearing as you could ask for. I think every lobbying group in the state spent some time in front of that committee, taking five hours of testimony. No vote was taken on the bill

The governor helped us hand out some points, signing three bills from this session and two held over from last session since Saturday.

HF3115/SF2822, the "Good faith" insurance bill sponsored by Rep. Joe Atkins and Sen. Tarryl Clark.

HF3831/SF3474, which makes an office appointive, kinda boring but its good for points for Sen. Jim Vickerman and Rep. Doug Magnus.

HF3287/SF2930, which changes regulations on debt management services, sponsored by Rep. Jim Davnie and Sen. Linda Scheid.

Tomorrow we have floor sessions in the House and Senate, and check back for a floor-a-palooza announcement.