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Finance bill floor-a-palooza liveblog

Posted at 12:46 PM on April 3, 2008 by Michael Marchio (2 Comments)

12:46 - The Commish is in the gallery. I invite you to join me by clicking here to watch the action as it unfolds. So far, about a dozen lawmakers have spoken, mostly to explain different provisions of the bill, nothing controversial, but in a story here, Minority Leader Seifert called the proposal a "garbage bill." Them's fighting words.

1:00 - Right now, Majority Leader Sertich is handing out props for all the hard work done on the bill, and they're about to hear the amendments, when we should see some sparks fly.

1:12 - An amendment to restore funding to nursing homes was just offered. People seem to be please by it, and it passes on a voice vote.

1:15 - An amendment to take out the part of the bill that would allow bars to serve booze until 4:00 a.m. for the RNC is being offered by Rep. Atkins. It would go back to Atkins' Commerce and Labor committee and be included in the alcohol policy omnibus bill, the same one where our bicycle built for booze is waiting.

Rep. Kahn is not happy about it, but said she personally won't be partying until 4:00 a.m. because she isn't a Republican.

1:22 - Rep. Zellers said he knows that the members of the Commerce and Labor Committee are normal guys and like to have a good time, which got a chuckle out of Rep. Atkins. But he brings up a good point that this isn't the first time the state has extended bar times. They did it during the Super Bowl in 1992. Its hard to imagine a Super Bowl ever being held in the Metrodome.

1:26 - Rep. Lesch said that as a prosecutor, he's worried about dealing with drunk Republican delegates, but he still wants to extend the bar time.

1:30 - It's headed back to Committee.

1:31 - It's a good day to be an MFL managers. Between the number of bills (around 100) passed in the Senate today, and this floor-a-palooza, MFL managers will rolling in the points.

1:35 - Rep. Kahn has offered an amendment that would legally give people five days unpaid leave to take care of an ill immediate family member. Rep. Emmer wants to know why this is being introduced in a finance bill, and Rep. Buesgens wants to know what the cost is. Rep. Kahn says there won't be one.

1:40 - Rep. Emmer always reads the fine print. He noticed that Rep. Kahn's bill takes out the definition of a member of a family, and could mean that it isn't actually even a person, so it could be a pet, at least according to Rep. Emmer. Technically, what it does is change it from "significant other" to "others," which seems to be making the language more amenable to domestic partner benefits.

1:59 - Rep. DeLaForest has offered an amendment that would delete the salary limit of state commissioners. Right now, the limit is 95 percent of the governor's salary.

2:05 - Whoops, what Rep. DeLaForest's amendment would do is keep a limit, not delete one. Rep. Kahn and Rep. Carlson are saying that you need to be able to pay commissioner's whatever the market demands in order to get quality people in the job, and Rep. Seifert just said he won't be playing violins for people who get paid 95 percent of $120,000.00 per year.

Comments (2)

TV News showed Rep. Lesch, and what I thought I heard him say was that as a prosecutor, extended bar times could create more drunks, which could lead to more crimes and greater need for his prosecutor skills.

Posted by Nancy | April 3, 2008 10:52 PM

I stand corrected Nancy, that is what he said. Nice one, Rep. Lesch.

Posted by Michael Marchio | April 3, 2008 11:19 PM