Thursday, September 29, 2016

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Inflation on the way

Posted at 11:17 AM on April 15, 2008 by Michael Marchio

We may have some veto bait headed through the Senate. SF3128, Sen. Richard Cohen's bill that would factor inflation into budgeting forecasts, is being heard by the Senate Finance Committee this afternoon. He has three bills in front of that committee today. He's the chair, so I suppose that doesn't hurt. You'll remember last year, Gov. Pawlenty vetoed the entire tax bill because it included the inflation forecast. He said he felt it would put the state spending on "autopilot." That bill also included property tax relief, but since the governor vetoed it after the House and Senate had adjourned for the session, we didn't get to see either chamber try an override. I don't know if a freestanding proposal, like this bill, would have a chance at overriding a veto, but it would be a points bonanza if it did. Any thoughts on the odds, MFL?

HF1812, that finance bill that the House debated until 3 a.m. a few weeks ago, is back in front of a conference commitee. Sen. Cohen, and Rep. Lyndon Carlson agreed to take out some of the policy that doesn't have any fiscal impact that was included in the House version of the bill. This was the one that Minority Leader Seifert called the "garbage bill" because of all the random stuff it included.

Yesterday, the House went through and gave final passage to a bunch of bills that had been sent over from the Senate. Reps. Jaros, Hortman, Simon, Madore, Winkler (2 bills), Pelowski, Mullery, Thissen, Brod, Dominguez, Neil Peterson, Marquart and Atkins (for the Good Faith bill) all picked up points for passing them through their chamber.

Check back later today, we'll look at a couple more bills being heard this afternoon.