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Heavy metal kegs and omnibus education floor-a-palooza

Posted at 12:54 PM on April 28, 2008 by Michael Marchio

The House has begun session and we're still waiting on SF3001, the omnibus education policy bill, for your lawmakers to earn some floor-a-palooza points - watch the session here - but there's another interesting bill to chew on while we wait for debate on that one to begin. SF3455, carried by Rep. Joe Atkins, would make it illegal for refillable beer kegs to be sold to scrap metal dealers, unless its being sold by the manufacturer of the keg or the brewer who filled it. Seems like an odd piece of legislation, right? Well, maybe not. With metal prices going way up, people are increasingly turning around and selling empty kegs to scrap metal dealers instead of returning them to the liquor store. Here's a story on it from ABC news.

Kegs can go from anywhere between $15 and $55 at scrap yards, and the cost for liquore stores to replace them is around $150 each, while the usual deposit for a keg is about $5 or $10, so its easy to see how somebody's been making a buck here.

The new law doesn't say exactly what kind of identification would be necessary for the manufacturers or fillers of kegs to resell them though. Here's the language:

Subd. 2a. Purchase or receipt of beer kegs. A scrap metal dealer, or the dealer's agent, employer, or representative, shall not purchase or receive a refillable metal beer keg from anyone except the manufacturer of the beer keg, the brewer of the beer that was sold or provided in the keg, or an authorized representative of the manufacturer or brewer.

Also, Minority Leader Seifert announced his birthday was last week, and that he has Schwans ice cream treats for lawmakers. Now that's the way to build bipartisan good will.