Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Floor-a-palooza recap and a pointer for points

Posted at 6:09 PM on April 23, 2008 by Michael Marchio

Whatever was lacking in the Senate floor-a-palooza, the House one surely made up for it. Only a few senators spoke up about SF3363, mostly Republicans objecting to the inclusion of that inflation provision. The House had more than 30 speak up about HF3195, the cap-and-trade study. Keep in mind this is just a study on the environmental and economic implications of a regional cap-and-trade system, not an actual requirement for that system. Still, the House spent four hours debating not just its provisions, but about whether global warming even exists. It passed, 91-38.

The Senate passed their version of the study, SF2818, on General Orders after about an hour or so of debate. When a bill passes on General Orders, this isn't the same as final passage. Final passage will come later, possibly tomorrow since the House passed their version today. If the Senate does take it up for final passage tomorrow, we'll have a floor-a-palooza on that too, so we can get your senators some points too.

GopherMPH raised a point in our comments that deserves some attention too. Lawmakers get points for every committee their bill passes, that's how Sen. Ellen Anderson was able to rack up 106 points with it before today, and Rep. Kate Knuth earned 95 points including today's passage. They get points when it passes the other chamber too, so neither one is done earning points yet. The House and Senate have schedules posted on their web sites where you can look at what's going through committee, or better yet, you can take a look at the Calendar for the Day, where bills wait before they receive final passage

Here's the House and Senate committee schedule, and here's the House and Senate Calendar.