Thursday, September 29, 2016

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Floor-a-palooza liveblog Part 2

Posted at 5:29 PM on April 28, 2008 by Michael Marchio

5:30 - Okay, they're voting now on an amendment to Rep. Garofalo's amendment that would have the state withdraw from No Child Left Behind by August 1, 2009. Offered by Rep. Kalin, it would require the commissioners of education and finance determine that the state would save money by not participating before withdrawing. It is approved, 69-62, and then the whole amendment to pull out of No Child Left Behind was approved by a whopping 122-9. Now that's what I call a healthy margin.

5:39 - Rep. Mark Olson that would require schools to "allow instruction in competing scientific theories" and would let parents appeal to school boards on what kind of competing theories may be in absence. Hmm, he couldn't be referring to evolution, or intelligent design, could he? No matter, it fails by a vote of 29-102.

5:45 - There's an amendment being offered by Rep. Neva Walker, that would basically roll in her "Responsible Family Life and Sexuality Education Program" from HF3731 that she introduced a few weeks ago. Click there for specifics on what it would do. It sounds like parents would have to opt-out of the program if they didn't want their kids to participate, and some lawmakers don't like that. Rep. Demmer is offering a one-word amendment that would change "must" to "may" which Rep. Walker says, rightly, would basically gut her proposal.

6:00 - Rep. Madore said in her district, of 1,672 students, only 9 opted out. Rep. Buesgens is mighty mad this sex ed proposal, and said "I don't know why you think you're so much smarter than the people in Litchfield" in reference to Rep. Madore's statistics. Ouch. She's standing to respond.

6:10 - Rep. Madore: "As far as me thinking I'm smarter than anyone else, that's not the facts. The facts are that 1,663 thought this was a good thing."

6:15 - Rep. Walker has the floor, and she's mad that Rep. Buesgens is saying this is only a problem that they have in the "inner city" and that the rest of Minnesota shouldn't have the same requirements as the cities do. She's got statistics to prove this is a problem all over the state.

6:18 - The vote to change "must" to "may" and gut Walker's amendment was voted down. Rep. Kohls is rising to call the Walker amendment not germane, so this is a good time for the Commish to take a break. I'll be keeping track of which lawmakers speak, so check your scores tomorrow, folks.